Why Recycle

  • For Property Owners/Managers: It saves money.  Less waste = less pickups. Recycling can cut down on waste by 50%. If you are filling the dumpster once a week and paying $200 for pickup, that’s over $10,000 year.  We take your cardboard and paper for free, saving you $5,000. Our containers are free, too.
  • For Tenants/businesses: When your customers see our recycling containers, they know you truly care about the environment.  That’s good for business.
  • Trash that is thrown away and not recycled will end up either in a landfill, or incinerated, or will hurt the environment in some other way.
  • The more waste that gets recycled, the less damage is done to the environment
  • Everybody wins with recycling. It is not just beneficial to the environment and a way of tackling global warming, it is also good for businesses and industry because it conserves energy.
  • It’s the right thing to do.  One World. One Chance.